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Why more couples than ever are choosing virtual weddings.

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Virtual weddings allow grandparents, international guests & the immunocompromised to attend without fear.

Invite 5x More Guests

While traditional weddings are ~50 people, virtual weddings allow for inviting up to 250 guests.

Get Married This Month

While traditionally it takes 12-18 months to plan, virtual weddings can happen this month. 

More Creative & Fun

Stream live DJ sets, play games in lounges, play inter-active group games with hundreds, have dance competitions & more.

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Record the ceremony, cake cutting, first dance & more automatically & get links afterwards 🙂

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Blake & Lindsay’s Virtual Wedding

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Christie and Jeff’s Virtual Wedding

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Abena And Ade’s Virtual Wedding

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Absolutely do it and don’t think about it. Don’t hold back, just do it - getting married is the first step of starting a life together, and if the first thing you’re going to do is let your circumstances and a situation you can’t control call the shots, that’s not going to bode well. The first thing you want to do is show resolve and strength.


We were crying, my wife and I holding each other, hand and arm, while we peered into this strange portal to something somewhat like reality and very much our current reality. We cried that stuttered disbelief kind of cry, where you’re happy for your friends who have one another. It felt like a wedding.

Daniel WolfeReporter, Quartz

Does it feel real?....I feel responsibility and love for this person. I would have felt fine saying these things in front of anyone…but when you box it in a certain ceremony like that, it feels like a very real thing happened.

ChristieRecent Bride, California

Everything that’s going on in the world shines the light on how precious life is at this moment...this was an opportunity for all of us to get grounded in who we are. As far as the relationship between me and Ade goes, we’re grounded in our love and that’s all we needed. Our virtual wedding felt right.

AbenaRecent Bride

Our family and friends on Zoom from all over the world; our neighbors also celebrating with us from their balconies, doorsteps, windows and our community walkway.
Neil and I are still overwhelmed with joy and gratitude to all of you!!

IyaboRecent Bride, Atlanta

Ellie Goulding Crashes Virtual Wedding

A U.K. couple had an unexpected guest at their recent virtual wedding: Ellie Goulding, with her guitar in hand. She stunned newlyweds Hayley Pitman and Harvey Skelton by dropping in on their live-streaming ceremony to perform “Love Me Like You Do” as they shared their first dance. “Congratulations, Harvey and Haley,” she popped in & said “You’re both heroes and we all love you.” ❤️ 😃

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The Office Cast Reunites To Host a Virtual Wedding

Enter Susan and John, whose actual proposal also replicated Jim and Pam’s Office engagement. Krasinski gathered together the pair’s parents and loved ones, first for a performance by Zac Brown, then to marry them over Zoom, courtesy of his new online ordination. The pair were then treated to a dance party featuring Steve Carell, Mindy Kaling, Rainn Wilson, Angela Kinsey, Ed Helms, Jenna Fischer, Kate Flannery, Brian Baumgartner, Phyllis Smith, Oscar Nunez, and Creed Bratton. So, in a nutshell, if you’ve been thinking about just biting the bullet and getting married before quarantine is lifted, congratulations! ❤️

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More couples are getting married virtually.

Virtual weddings are growing in popularity around the world. With virtual weddings, guests can attend safely, couples can invite 5x more guests, it’s more affordable & couples can get married this month. After surveying our community, we put together the top reasons why couples are doing virtual weddings. Join our community.





Want to get married faster


Invite more guests


More creativity


Family can't travel


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